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Monday, February 26, 2007

My Stamping Spot!

This is the right side of the main wall. Under the window are baskets containing all of my punches. Under the black material are tons of beads from my bracelet making days! The metal shelves on the right contain all embellishments in jars. The metal shelf to the left of that is all tools, such as notch cutter, tag maker, etc. Below that in the gray and white bins are more tools, such as a dremil, circle cutters, etc..

This is the other side of the wall. All of my stamps are organized by topic in the drawers. My unmounted ones are one the top half of the bookshelf. The bins contain, wheels, extra inks, acrylic blocks, embossing powders, etc... Basically anything that has to do with stamping. In the gray and white cubes there are reinkers, chalk, chemicals, mini beads, etc..

This is my paper and ribbon area! The paper drawers were bought from Walmart. Three for about $8-9! The top of each one popped of so I could stack as many together as I wanted. Each row is organized color, starting from left to right, scraps, solid, then patterned. The 3 and 4 column is organized by topic. For instance, Dots, Travel, Flowers, Sports, etc. The last column is miscellaneous things such as vellum, page protectors, etc...My ribbon is stored around cut chipboard and separated by color in photo boxes. Smaller pieces are stored in jars above. This works so well for me! I can see exactly what I have! The left book shelf is all embellishments! The table is actually an Air Hockey Table I can't get out of the room! We had the room spiral stairs put in after the table was put in! I just put a plywood board on! Voila! A work table for 10!

Here is the desk area of my craft room! I just spent about 4 days completely reorganizing the whole room! Yes, I do spend more time organizing then actual creative work! I don't do a lot of stamping at my desk, but use it mostly for the computer and wishblade!

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