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Monday, March 03, 2008

The New Stamp Room!

Well, the stamp room is finished! My mother remodeled her kitchen, and I inherited all the old cabinets! My husband and I spent about a week getting the new cabinets in and another week for me to clean the mess! I have discovered I have way to much stuff! It is now time to create and quit shopping! Well, the scrapbook expo is at the end of the month...the "no shopping" may have to wait a little while! Getting some of these cabinets up a tiny spiral staircase is not easy! I had to break them apart (I am not kidding about the breaking part) and reassemble them upstairs!

Wall One

These hangers and cups are from Ikea. I love that store! I have most of my markers stored here! I actually wanted more where the cutter basket is but I couldn't find anymore. I like things symmetrical so this bugs me!!! Maybe they will have more on my next trip!

Wall Two

Embellishment and Paper Stack Storage

The first bookshelf contains embellishments, the second is paper stacks (yes, I have an issue with hoarding paper), and the third contains books, albums, photos, etc...

Punch Storage

12 x 12 Paper Storage
Stampin' Up! Stamps Storage

All of my SU stamps are stored in two of these cubes..I need to weed them out..but I know as soon as I get rid of a set I will find I need it!

Unmounted Stamps

These are all my unmounted stamps..These are all non SU! I vow to not buy another one! I have no room!!


Kim Miller said...

Suzie, I just found your blog! Wow! I love it! This room is really beautiful! I would someday like a room like this in my basement. Is this room in your attic area? It is truly beautiful! Enjoy it!!


Jean said...

For real your not going to buy another?? How can you? LOL I shouldn't but won't say I won't do it.... Love your room so neat and orderly!

Kisatrtle said...

Holy amazing! Your room is outstanding. And so clean. Is it always this clean? Mine is 1/3 of this size and never this clean LOL

Anonymous said...

OH MY STARS!! What a fabulous room!!! I am sooooo envious!! you had better get stamping but I can see how you could spend HOURS organizing! That room is GREAT!

dasimonds said...

Awesome New Stamp Room!!
Lucky Lady!! I am working on mine..
would love to see it turn out something like yours!! Gotta luv
ALL that storage :)
Great Blog !! TFS